The Unseen Crisis || COVID Vaccine Stories

Hear the stories of people who do not exist - the vaccine-injured! These are stories of pain and tragedy you will never see in the mainstream media. But watch to the end for a glimpse of hope for the vaxxed...

Some who took the COVID vaccine with the noblest of intentions experienced unexpected debilitating after-effects. Instead of compassion, they were met with skepticism; instead of being helped they were shunned; instead of being heard, they were silenced. Join us as we bring their stories out of the shadows so they can be heard and seen and no longer alone.

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An NTD original documentary. Featuring Cindy Drukier (Host), Dr Robert Malone (mRNA Vaccine Technology Pioneer), Dr Peter McCullough (Internist & Cardiologist), Dr Pierre Kory (Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist), Dr. Paul Marik (Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist), Senator Ron Johnson, Angela Wulbrecht (Vaccine injured ICU Nurse), Brianne Dressen (AstraZeneca Trial Participant).

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