How to Prepare for the Last Days

Are we already in the end times?

Most Christians believe we are, but do nothing to prepare, although the Bible is full of specific, clear instructions... That is what this movie is all about. Did you know that the Lord had specific things for us to do at this time?

This documentary - made up of 10 episodes - is unlike any movie about the last days you have ever seen. First, the narrator, Nelson Walters, answers three fundamental questions from Scripture: 1- "Have the end times begun?", 2- "I'm saved, what else do I need to do?" and 3- "what are God's purposes for the end times?"

Then, he expands on Jesus's special commands for the last days and the believers' role in them.

You may be 'prepping' physically, but you will see that the Bible focuses on a definite spiritual preparation. This is a must watch movie.

Included episodes:

  1. The End Times Have Begun - 12 Signs
  2. We Aren't Ready for Jesus - 3 Big Reasons
  3. God's Plan for the End Times
  4. Satan's Deceptions in the Last Days
  5. War, Rumors of War and Chaos in the End Times
  6. End Time Disasters, Disease and Bio Weapons
  7. Last Days Ecomonic Collapse
  8. To the Jew First in the End Times
  9. God's Plan for End Times Persecution
  10. 3 Things to do Today to Prepare for the Last Days

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Source: Nelson Walters - (2019)

One comment

  • Hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, natural disasters are in fact not happening at a greater rate today, than times past.  This is a popular myth perpetrated by one world globalist in order to create fear among the world people in order to push their agenda of climate change.  Research it for yourself.  Listen to real scientist who are not on board with the agenda.
    A Few Low CO2 Natural Disasters: Extreme weather was not lower in good old days of low CO2
    Inconvenient Truths: 2014 Global Natural Disasters Down Massively! …No Trend In Tornado/Cyclones Since 1950!
    Physicist: ‘The frequency & severity of floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves & wildfires are not increasing, & may even be declining in some cases’
    I was excited to watch the video until it started off with a lie.  With so much "are we in the end times" narrative based on a lie, I am not sure I can watch rest of film.