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A Good Heart

Do you read the Bible?

If yes, pause for a minute and think before you answer this: why do you read the Bible? Is it to tick a box on your daily to-do list, to ease your conscience, to accumulate knowledge, to prepare sermons, to find out how to be successful and blessed by God...? What is your reason?

You may be familiar with this popular little song that is usually taught in Sunday schools, "Read your Bible, pray everyday". And it goes on to say "if you want to grow".

Well, this is true. But it is only partly true. Reading the Bible is good, but if it was enough, every Christian who reads the Bible would be a spiritual giant - which we know is not the case.

Why did most of the Church Fall for the COVID Narrative? || Luke Barker

Brilliant comprehensive message preached by Luke Barker at the Northern Ireland State of the Nation Fundamentalist Conference (Autumn 2022), titled "Acceptance and Promotion of the Official Narrative by the Majority of the Professing Church - Why?"

How can the vast majority of professing Christians remain so silent on this issue? Why did they comply and even promote abusive mandates that go against God's Word? What happened to the church's discernment?

Cholesterol, Statins & Heart Disease || Myths vs Reality

Is saturated fat our enemy? Does high cholesterol cause heart disease? Are statins safe and are they helpful?

There is so much confusion around these questions, and so many myths not backed up by real science. So, find out the answers to these and more in this Catalyst documentary with Dr Maryanne Demasi about saturated fat, cholesterol, statins and heart disease.

The Unseen Crisis || COVID Vaccine Stories

Hear the stories of people who do not exist - the vaccine-injured! These are stories of pain and tragedy you will never see in the mainstream media. But watch to the end for a glimpse of hope for the vaxxed...

Some who took the COVID vaccine with the noblest of intentions experienced unexpected debilitating after-effects. Instead of compassion, they were met with skepticism; instead of being helped they were shunned; instead of being heard, they were silenced. Join us as we bring their stories out of the shadows so they can be heard and seen and no longer alone.

Transpocalypse || The Transgender Ideology Push on Children

Our kids are in grave danger with the insane push of the LGBTQ+/transgender ideology. The danger is spiritual, mental, and eventually even physical.

Let us fight for them! No heads in the sand any more! It is high time we opened our eyes to what has been creeping in for years now and resist this evil plan to destroy the next generation. May the Lord strengthen us because giving in is not an option!

How to Prepare for the Last Days

Are we already in the end times?

Most Christians believe we are, but do nothing to prepare, although the Bible is full of specific, clear instructions... That is what this movie is all about. Did you know that the Lord had specific things for us to do at this time?

This documentary - made up of 10 episodes - is unlike any movie about the last days you have ever seen. First, the narrator, Nelson Walters, answers three fundamental questions from Scripture: 1- "Have the end times begun?", 2- "I'm saved, what else do I need to do?" and 3- "what are God's purposes for the end times?"

UK Doctors Call for COVID Vaccine Investigation

2 years on... Is the experimental injection still "safe and effective"?

Many doctors, in the UK and internationally, have become increasingly concerned about the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccines and the continued rollout of these products to the public, including pregnant women and children. Several doctors in DFPUK have submitted multiple Yellow Card reports of adverse events to the MHRA, and have signed letters to the JCVI, MHRA, the RCOG, the Prime Minister and others to express their concerns, but have seen little or no response or action taken.

Died Suddenly

Athletes, teenagers, young adults in their prime... Sudden deaths have become a common occurence these days. Health professionals are at a total loss as to what could be causing them and are calling them "SADS" or "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome". Of course, the jab could in no way be responsible as we all know that it is completely safe and effective.

For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving this into stone. And yet… we never seemed to believe them. DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer, gives us a picture of the horror that is happening right now in front of our eyes, for those who are willing to see...

Fat Fiction

Does dietary fat really make us sick and fat, or is it something else?

In this documentary, find out how questionable evidence was used to support one of the most damaging public health recommendations in history: the “low fat diet”.

The Greatest Reset: Beast Rising

Unmissable documentary!

Prince Charles, now King Charles III, told the opening session of a World Economic Forum virtual meeting on 3rd June 2020, that world leaders had “a golden opportunity to seize something good” from the coronavirus pandemic. The future king of England saw COVID-19 as the way to “reset” human civilization and to recognize “the interdependence of all living things.” Reuters reported that Prince Charles’ speech was “part of a launch event for ‘The Great Reset’, a project involving the WEF and the Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative, aimed at rebuilding the economic and social system to be more sustainable.”

Governments Around the World Have no Evidence for the COVID Virus

Canadian biostatistician, Christine Massey, has accumulated Freedom Of Information (FOI) requests from over 200 health and governmental institutions in over 35 countries: not one has proof of any scientific papers, using legitimate methods, showing that SARS-CoV-2 exists. It has never been isolated/purified.

In other words, it has never been observed anywhere. There are no scientific record of its very existence. Yet, it is deemed a threat to our health and the cause of a worldwide deadly pandemic!

Voices of the Silenced || X-LGBT

Born gay? Wrong gender? Can sexual orientation change? What is the science? What about conversion therapy? Is there hope for those who struggle?

In the midst of a perverse generation, we need answers, and these questions and others are dealt with in this very interesting 2018 documentary; as well as powerful testimonies from ex-gays and transgenders.