Is There a Cure for Cancer?

Is There a Cure for Cancer?

To the question "Is there a cure for cancer?", the answer according to most people would be something like "Not yet, but research is getting closer to finding a cure every day" or "We hope to finally have a cure available to end cancer within the next five, ten or maybe twenty years..."

This is also what I used to believe... Until very recently. I found out that there isn't one cure out there for cancer, but in fact there are many cures already available today.

These cures have been available and people have benefitted from them for decades! Unfortunately very few know about them as there has been a strong relentless effort on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry to suppress them from general public awareness. The sad truth is that cancer is incredibly beneficial to some (Big Pharma) who sell their toxic, supposed 'cancer-fighting' drugs at ridiculous prices each year. As long as cancer is a reality, they will keep on making huge profits. So they will fight tooth and nails for proven cancer cures to stay hidden; and sometimes unfairly prosecute people who are curing others with their various discoveries. This may be hard to believe for some, but such evil does exist in this world. Do your research!

So this is how many cures have been hidden from the general public. They are natural cures - that cannot therefore be patented - and are of no value to the pharmaceutical industry. But they are of an immense value to suffering cancer patients worldwide and their family members who would give anything for the hope of a cure or even some kind of relief if it was possible.

These 'forbidden cures' have already proven their effectiveness and many have managed to prevent or slow down the progression of cancer, or even become altogether cancer-free thanks to them. They can be used on their own, but are usually more efficient as part of a combined therapy. Some examples:

  • Essiac tea (herbal remedy)
  • the Hoxsey treatment (herbal remedy)
  • the Gerson therapy (nutritional and detoxification treatment)
  • the New German Medicine (based on Dr Hamer's psychosomatic findings)
  • Vitamin B17 / laetrile (nutritional treatment)
  • Shark cartilage (anti-angiogenic natural treatment)
  • Mistletoe (herbal remedy)
  • Enzyme therapy (nutritional treatment)
  • Chlorine dioxide / MMS (oxidizing treatment)
  • the Rife machine (electromagnetic frequencies treatment)
  • High doses / IV vitamin C (nutritional treatment)
  • the Budwig diet (nutritional treatment, including flaxseed oil and cottage cheese)
  • the Burzinski therapy (antineoplastons gene-targeted therapy)
  • Black seed oil / Nigella Sativa (herbal treatment)
  • Blue-green algae (natural treatment)
  • Marine phytoplankton (natural treatment)
  • Cannabinol (natural treatment)
  • Colostrum (nutritional treatment)
  • Melatonin (hormonal & antioxidant treatment)
  • Ozone therapy (oxygen therapy)
  • Wheatgrass juice (nutritional treatment)
  • Essential oils - such as frankincense / Boswellia Serrata (natural treatment)
  • Castor oil packs (natural treatment)
  • Fasting (natural treatment!)
  • Selenium (nutritional supplementation, especially for prevention)
  • and many more... (there are over 200 proven alternative cancer treatments. See much longer list here - still non-exhaustive)

Please watch this documentary, Cancer the Forbidden Cures, and judge for yourself.

Video link

Good documentary to watch also: The Truth About Cancer: The Quest For The Cures (episode 1) (you can get the whole series here)

We also highly recommend the book The Truth About Cancer by Ty Bollinger.

One comment

  • I dealt with an Ovarian Cancer scare back in 2015 where MY doctors found a 37 centimeter tumor, the size of a football. I immediately had it surgically removed and thankfully it was benign. Every six months I continued my CA-125 and they were coming back normal until two and a half months ago.  I started to have shortness of breath and after a week I couldn't breathe and knew something was wrong. My lung had filled with fluid and collapsed my lung. They did biopsies and the last one that they had clipped from the lung, was metastasized. Oncologist confirmed it was fourth stage and radiation was not an option, the most aggressive chemo was my best bet. This is when i  began to pursue my own research and found other natural and holistic therapies to combat cancer. This is also when i found so many stories of how a certain doctor who is a  herbal professional cured different kinds of cancers and life threatening diseases and so i gave it a try and today i am cured and totally free from cancer.