Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Some say Jesus was a good man or a prophet. Others say He was a lunatic or even a fictional character who never existed. Others still say He was and still is the Son of God.

There is overwhelming evidence for the fact that Jesus of Nazareth really existed (read this), but did He claim He was the Son of God? Did He say He was God?

For some, He never did. But for others, the Bible is clear He did - on many occasions... What do YOU say? Who do you say He is?

This is a really crucial question, as Jesus is definitely the central figure of Christianity. Christianity means to follow Christ. So who do Christians follow? Is it God or a man? A prophet? A teacher? A wise man? What does the Bible actually say?

Your answer to this question could be what determines your eternal destiny...

Watch this, from an ex-Muslim:

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  • It is vital that we know Jesus for ourselves; not through our spouse, friend, pastor or church leader.  
    It is only when we know who God is, that we will truly know who we are.
  • Thanks. So many people do not want or are scared to face this question. They put it off for later... but only God knows how much time we have on this earth, so I pray we would consider this today if we haven't already. If Jesus is not God, then who was he? Where is the evidence that He lied? And if Jesus is God, then should He not reign over our lives?