COVID Vaccine || Graphene Oxide Bioweapon

In one word, the COVID-19 vaccine is poison.

They are trying to find out "how much they can put into people before they die".

Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD!

The inoculation being referred to as 'COVID Vaccines' is a poisonous death sentence, and nobody should subject themselves to the shots.

Video link and alternative link

Below is an urgent communication from biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, from La Quinta Columna. We are witnessing MASS POISONING of the world’s population with toxic graphene oxide.

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Pfizer employee original full-length video (25 min):

La Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles:

La Quinta Columna shares UV fluorescence test results that support the claim that the analyzed vaccination vials contain graphene oxide:

Official interim report of Pfizer's vaccination vial analysis explained by La Quinta Columna:

Unofficial translation of the Official Interim Report of the Vaccination vial Analysis:

Patent CN11222020919A (Chinese patent proving the presence of graphene in COVID vaccines):

La Quinta Columna (Spanish website):

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