The Great Reset (2020)

As we indicated in a 2020 article, titled "COVID-19 Truth & Lies: Part 3 - A Wake Up Call", the COVID crisis was only a pretext to set into motion what is known as the 'Great Reset', or the 'New World Order'. The elite of this world have been putting things in place for many years to bring massive change to society, and what we have seen taking place over the past year and a half is only a start! As they say, "a good crisis never goes to waste"...

Things will not go back to normal - at least not the 'normal' we used to know. Society will unfortunately only get worse until the return of the Lord Jesus. This is a certainty, because the Bible prophesized it two thousand years ago.

Many have warned that what we are witnessing today, is the establishment of full-blown communism in the West and throughout the world. We do not know all the details of what will happen next, but we know that this world is heading for disaster and destruction. However, praise God that true believers are heading to a wonderful eternity with Jesus Christ!

Here is a two-part Christian documentary about the Great Reset, what that means, who is behind it, how it came about and how it is changing the world we live in. We need to be aware of the enemy's devices, while we also look forward to our great hope of glory as the Day is getting nearer than it has ever been before...

Documentary featuring: Farayi Bayayi, Fred Rubi, Keith Malcomson, David Wilkerson, Wayman Mitchell.

The Great Reset Part 1

Video link and alternative link

The Great Reset Part 2 - God's Great Reset

Video link and alternative link

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