The COVID Spell

Have you ever wondered why most people have been so compliant over the past year and a half? Why are they so fearful and follow irrational instructions - sometimes to the point of getting upset at those who don't? Why do they seem to have lost all critical thinking and just go along with the flow?

Well, deception is part of the answer, but it is actually deeper than that...

As far-fetched as it may sound, people are under a spell!

This kind of deception is a very calculated one. Specific psychological techniques have been used by the media, in tandem with governments and health authorities, to put people in a state of hypnosis. Yes, you read that right - hypnosis! (which could be qualified as witchcraft actually...)

Putting the masses in what could be called a trance, manipulating their actions and emotions, is in fact easier than many of us believe.

People who are familiar with these techniques can recognise them quickly and see through all the lies and propaganda. This is the case of this former stage hypnotist who learnt all the tricks. In this video, he breaks down what unfortunately has been happening.

Video link and alternative link

There is actually much evidence from leaked documents that the government and health authorities (at least in the UK and Germany) have been planning and seeking the help of knowledgeable psychologists, to put strategies in place to manipulate public opinion and make them compliant - including applied behavioural psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Lawyers and journalists have come to discover this hidden agenda. But of course, this will not be reported in the mainstream media...

Here is lawyer Reiner Fuellmich (famous for suing world governments for crimes against humanity) discussing this with Brian Gerrish, from UK Column (an alternative media platform).

Video link and alternative link

Here is a shorter version (15 minutes)

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