COVID Vaccines - The Truth Is Out!

You will not hear this on the mainstream media, but here is the real reason why restrictions are being suddenly removed in the United Kingdom: the truth is out!... and the Government is forced to back down (at least for now...)

There is countless evidence for Crimes Against Humanity and a police investigation has been launched in December, at the national and international level. Thanks to Mark Sexton, a retired police officer (and others), the facts regarding the harm from vaccines and face masks, PCR tests, Nuremberg code violations, etc.. are on the table and are now irrefutable. Police constables around the country are being informed of this and asked to shut down vaccine centres (or being deemed complicit of the crimes).

In this video, you can see an example of what has been happening in all police stations around the UK:

Video link and alternative link

UK vaccine crime

More info:

See UK Vaccine Crime Investigation

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