COVID-19 Truth & Lies: Part 3 - A Wake Up Call

COVID-19 Truth & Lies: Part 3 - A Wake Up Call

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We have been told that a new deadly disease was spreading all over the world.
We have been told that hospitals were overwhelmed and that there was no known cure.
We have been told to follow Government's guidelines because they were keeping us safe.
We have been told to believe and repeat mantras such as "stay at home" and "save lives".
We have been told that we should help stop the spread.

We have been told to mask and clap.
We have been told to test and isolate.
We have been told to hope for a saving vaccine.
We have been told to fear and to blame.
We have been told to embrace the 'new normal'.

So this is what we have been told... But by whom? At this point, shouldn't we pause and ask ourselves whose voice we have been listening to? Does it sound like a voice that generates peace and trust? Does it sound like the voice of our Heavenly Father? I don't think so.


What we have ignored, is that history repeats itself.

There has been a few pandemics in the last century (and earlier), from the Spanish flu to the Hong Kong flu and others. Many people got sick, but people still lived a normal life and just stayed home if they were sick (unless they were hospitalized). Eventually the outbreaks died down as they always do, without the need for a vaccine. Why were there no lockdown, no mandatory masks, no church closures and no obsessive and compulsive hand sanitizing then? Is it because sanity was still in the order of the day?

Spanish flu
1918 Spanish flu (Kansas)

Even for Ebola's outbreak in West Africa (2013–2016), there was never any lockdown or radical measures. Ebola has a fatality rate (number of deaths compared to number of cases) of around 50%1. By comparison COVID-19's fatality rate is believed to be 1.4% at this time (which means 98.6% recover)2.

But back to today.

Every year, the flu and pneumonia sadly kill many thousands of people. Every winter hospitals are overwhelmed all over the world. This is not a new phenomenon. As someone said,

No-one ever batted an eyelid or launched a drone because of deaths from winter ’flu'.3

That is... up to now.

Of course, every single death is a tragedy and we should ensure our behaviour does not cause people to die before their time. But the question is: does the new behaviour we have been told to adopt actually prevent people from getting sick and dying or does it not? Or even worse, does it cause more sickness and deaths? Is it really all about health or is there a political agenda behind all this?


May I quickly remind you that most new measures that governments around the world have put in place have followed advice from the World Health Organization? This global organization is headed by Tedros Adhanom, a former terrorist4 (implicated in genocide), who is not a medical doctor (for the first time of the history of the WHO). Please also note that Bill Gates (the pretend physician) is the biggest funder of this corrupt organisation.

So, let us take the lockdown measure for example. Lockdowns - also rightfully called house arrests - have a profound psychological effect on people. They caused suicidal rates to increase due to loneliness and depression. They prevent major "non-urgent" surgeries and other medical appointments from taking place, therefore increasing preventable causes of death. They rush many (especially small business owners) into poverty, potentially also leading to precipitated disease and death in the near future. Lockdowns separate people and family members, causing them to despair. Their effect is also physiological. They isolate people whereas social relationships have been shown to actually strengthen our immunity. This leaves people more vulnerable to things like heart attacks, stroke, infections and other diseases as their nervous system is affected by the produced stress.

Social contacts are fundamental to our health. We are social beings and we need others. If viruses are transmitted through physical contact, this is certainly not the only thing that is being transmitted as we spend time with others. Social contacts have many beneficial effects; they are part of our make-up as humans. Would you rather be 100% well and be alone for ever, or maybe have some health issues - which I do not wish on anyone - but be surrounded by caring friends and family members? In fact, it has been shown that people who go through major surgery and receive a lot of hospital visits/support from friends and family actually recover faster than those who don't. It should not be a surprise that socializing is healthy, should it?

Didn't the Lord say, "it is not good for man to be alone" (see Genesis 2:18)?

Let us think about distancing. According to Anthony Fauci, we should not "shake hands ever again". Should it really be the end of hugs and high fives? It is known that there is a well-being component to the physical touch. The "healing touch" does not have to be a New Age concept. It is used in many valid therapies. Physical touch has a real, proven beneficial effect on people. Just think of massages, cuddling, skin contact with your baby or even just a pat on the back. It is reassuring to us and causes 'feel good' hormones to be released. These hormones actually have a beneficial effect on health.

What about our kids? They are growing up in an atmosphere of fear, not only of a virus, but of one another and their environment... Here in the UK, many teens are forced to wear a mask ALL DAY at school; and in some countries even primary children have to wear them. If they don't, they get punished. Masks are toxic and prevent normal breathing (less oxygen and more carbon dioxide).

Some children have become terrorized and are even scared to be touched by their own parents. Little ones start panicking and crying if their mask falls off and babies get confused when they see adults not wearing masks (it may sound exaggerated, but these are true examples). What a twisted view of reality they are being taught! This really breaks my heart. What has been normalized today would have seemed horrendous to us only a year ago. I am baffled that more people are not resisting this. Aren't we supposed to protect the kids instead of oppressing them? What will come next?

Kids with masks

Is this really the right way to good health?

I will not go over each and every controversial issue. Some are explained in COVID-19 Truth and Lies Part 2. The point is there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that these measures are beneficial in any way in "helping to stop the spread". There is on the other hand, evidence that they are doing some harm. So why pursue them? Why even intensify them in some cases? Is that not insanity?

I have to ask, should we continue to restrict our vision and focus exclusively on one little virus, ignoring every other aspect of our physical health? Apparently all our health is now summed up in whether we are carriers of this virus or not. It seems to me that we have invested so much energy in protecting ourselves from this virus that we have inadvertently magnified it and blown its power out of proportions. We have become obsessed with it! Should we really sacrifice our mental health - and that of our children - over this?


Indeed history repeats itself.

We have witnessed a real push in the media for the upcoming vaccine. But, unfortunately this is not the first time this is happening. If we rewind back to 2009, we had another outbreak then, the Swine flu (H1N1).

This outbreak did not have as much an impact as COVID-19, but there was many similarities:

The virus supposedly came from an animal
There was fearmongering by the media
There was a large number of asymptomatic and mild cases
The virus killed thousands of people
A small percentage developed pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
It was not as serious as originally predicted
PCR tests were used to confirm diagnosis
A new vaccine was rushed with little testing

There was no mandatory masks, no lockdown and no (anti)social distancing then. But there was a rushed "saviour" vaccine. Why does it always seem to be about a vaccine (and all the money that comes with it)?

Following this vaccine, called Pandemrix, many became afflicted with conditions such as narcolepsy and cataplexy 5. These are seriously disabling, incurable and lifelong conditions. Narcolepsy affects a person's sleeping cycle, leaving them unable to sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time, and causing them to fall unconscious during the day. Cataplexy causes a person to lose consciousness when they are experiencing heightened emotion (including laughing).

In the UK, patients who suffered brain damage as a result of taking the swine flu vaccine received multi-million-pound payouts from the Government. From the Government? Shouldn't this say, from the vaccine companies? Surely, the Government would not pay for the terrible mistakes of private companies... Well, just as what is happening today with the new COVID vaccine, Big Pharma companies were granted total freedom from any liability regarding any vaccine side effect. So it is the Government who paid (tax payers, that is). How convenient is this? And what little incentive to produce a safe vaccine, since you do not have to pay for the consequences...

Now of course, these payouts would have been for those people who managed to prove that their brain damage was caused by the vaccine; and believe me, this is not necessarily a piece of cake. More often than not, people who are damaged by vaccines are told by their own doctor that there is no way the vaccine could have caused any of their symptoms. I wish I was making this up.

And since side effects may appear months or even years after the vaccine was given, many people will not even realise that it is indeed the vaccine that caused their injury...

Note that in the UK, we are now witnessing the first signs of harm as first COVID vaccine injections to members of the public were given just this week. Serious allergic reactions were reported in some people6. In the US trials, there has been some reports of facial paralysis. Even more concerning: some doctors - including former top Pfizer scientist Michael Yeadon - are now warning about a risk of infertility in women. There is a possibility that SARS-CoV-2 antibodies induced by the vaccine may also be targetting the Syncytin-1, a human protein responsible for placenta formation.7 No placenta means women would be unable to bear children.


Now let us look at another tell tale from history.

In the 1920s, Adolf Hitler wrote a book called "Mein Kampf"8 (my struggle). In it, he describes his anti-Jewish aims and plans, which he eventually put to action through false propaganda; and the extremely unfortunate result was the horrors of World War II, just a few years later.

Here are a couple of telling quotes from Mein Kampf:

the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.

Could he have made it any clearer?

The great masses of a nation [...] in the primitive simplicity of their minds more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. [...] It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously."

'Distorting the truth' was indeed an art for him and something he was really good at. This twisting of reality through lies and deception is definitely at the beginning of controlling the masses' minds to drive their actions towards anything you want them to do - including genocide. Once people's vision is restricted to a particular view and everything outside that lense is grayed out, they will not be able to even conceive of a reality outside what they have been told is true. This is effective brainwashing.

The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.

Hmmm... That reminds me of one familiar slogan. How does it go again? Oh, yes, 'Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives'. Effective propaganda? Definitely simple and easy to remember... Ironically, under that slogan you could often read these words, "Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it." Are we supposed to take that litterally (about the virus) or is it a figure of speech (about the propaganda)?

stay at home slogan

Although he was originally seen as a 'saviour' in a time of financial crisis in Germany, Hitler's regime was a rule of fear, hatred and violence. His aim was total control. It is hard for us to understand how so many people adhered to Hitler's ideas and followed him. But we know that he used specific brainwashing technics to blind them to his real motives, making them believe he was fighting for good and had their own interests at heart. The police and high officials themselves were heavily brainwashed; the evidence being that the refrain many of them repeated at their trial after the war was, "we were just folllowing orders". As if following orders is justified when orders are evil!

The point is anyone at that time who had read (or even partly read) Hitler's book could have known his real intents and would hopefully not have been misled by his tricks.

Could this kind of manipulation still happen and be successful today? Of course not! We all know that our medias and governments always have our best interest at heart, right?...


Well, let us take a closer look at what is happening today. This past July, while the world was made to anxiously expect the 2nd wave of the plague, the technocrat and globalist Klaus Schwab published a book called "COVID-19: The Great Reset"9. Schwab, a child of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, was born in 1938. He founded the World Economic Forum and has been working to "better the world" behind the scenes for many years. He is a highly influential figure - apparently more powerful than Bill Gates - but mainly in the shadows.

Some have nicknamed his book, "The Great Fascist Reset". Many people are sounding the alarm about his intentions. His vision, described in the book, is a twisted transhumanist one.

In previous books, he already talked about using technology to change behaviour, about manipulating people's thinking, about being fully connected to the internet - inside and out, about genetically modified human beings. He looked forward to the merging of humans with machines and artificial intelligence (transhumanism), to infecting our bodies with "Smart Dust" (nanoparticles) and to a world where the police will apparently be able to read our brains. Basically his aim is to create a new - controlled - humanity.

Is this the agenda behind the upcoming COVID vaccine which will contain nanoparticles that some believe will have the ability to connect us to AI (no, this is not sci-fi any more); and particularly the mRNA vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer, which have the potential to modify our human DNA? Some doctors have called these vaccines "gene therapy", as in fact they have nothing to do with the classic vaccines any more. And with the 3 or 4 months hindsight that Big Pharma has on them, injecting ourselves with these would be the ultimate gamble.

Here are several quotes from Mr Schwab's latest book, COVID-19: The Great Reset, in which he describes the coming 'post-pandemic' world (emphases are mine):

without appropriate global governance, we will become paralysed in our attempts to address and respond to global challenges

Contact tracing and tracking are therefore essential components of our public-health response to COVID-19.

These have never been essential in any previous pandemic. But they are essential in a 'Big Brother' kind of state where citizens have to be under constant watch (see 1984 by George Orwells10).

the pandemic could open an era of active health surveillance made possible by location-detecting smartphones, facial-recognition cameras and other technologies that identify sources of infection and track the spread of a disease in quasi real time.

One of the great lessons of the past five centuries in Europe and America is this: acute crises contribute to boosting the power of the state. It’s always been the case and there is no reason why it should be different with the COVID-19 pandemic

Wonderful opportunity for a state to fall into fascism!

Some leaders and decision-makers [...] may want to take advantage of the shock inflicted by the pandemic to implement long-lasting and wider environmental changes. They will, in effect, make ‘good use’ of the pandemic by not letting the crisis go to waste

Take advantage of the shock of the pandemic? Indeed the trauma induced - not by the virus, but by the non-stop scaremongering media - seem to have put people in a kind of stupor, a form of hypnotism maybe. I am now starting to question whether this was the desired outcome of a desired crisis...

Talking about shock, "The Shock Doctrine" (book by Naomi Klein11) describes shock therapy, a psychological technique consisting of using a crisis for mass manipulation in economic and political affairs. This was used time and time again in the past. You would be shocked to find out!

Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never

Radical changes [...] will shape a ‘new normal’ radically different from the one we will be progressively leaving behind. Many of our beliefs and assumptions about what the world could or should look like will be shattered in the process

I was wondering where this term "New Normal" came from... The book describes COVID-19 being a turning point in the history of humanity. It is seen as having a wonderful potential for change, a transformative power and there is no turning back to the world we used to know:

the possibilities for change and the resulting new order are now unlimited and only bound by our imagination

New World Order?

The pandemic will certainly heighten our focus on hygiene. A new obsession with cleanliness will particularly entail the creation of new forms of packaging. We will be encouraged not to touch the products we buy. Simple pleasures like smelling a melon or squeezing a fruit will be frowned upon and may even become a thing of the past

It worked! everyone has become OCD.

Many of the tech behaviours that we were forced to adopt during confinement will through familiarity become more natural. As social and physical distancing persist, relying more on digital platforms to communicate, or work, or seek advice, or order something will, little by little, gain ground on formerly ingrained habits

In one form or another, social - and physical - distancing measures are likely to persist after the pandemic itself subsides, justifying the decision in many companies from different industries to accelerate automation.
physical labour will be replaced by robots and “intelligent” machines

We are getting there: less human contact and more robots; moving towards a dehumanized humanity.

The next hurdle is the political challenge of vaccinating enough people worldwide [...] with a high enough compliance rate despite the rise of anti-vaxxers

This will indeed be a major 'hurdle', thanks to the anti-vaxxers, who are usually actually just ex-vaxxers who have experienced first-hand the damage that vaccines can do.

a full return to ‘normal’ cannot be envisaged before a vaccine is available

How many times have you heard the media echoing that?

We could go on and on, but I trust this has drawn a clear picture of the direction we are getting pushed towards. Some people - including major corporations - are clearly benefitting from this crisis. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to be concerned about...

However, just because Klaus Schwab and co-writer Thierry Malleret say that we have entered the 'New Normal' and that our world will be changed for ever, this does not mean that it is so. We do not have to accept it; but we do have to open our eyes to what is in the process of happening.

We can denounce their lies and expose their agenda, as Winter Oak exclaimed in their enlightening article12 (with lots more book quotes). It would be tragic if the same old history repeated itself once again in a new way.


Can we remain asleep while this is taking place? Hopefully, the last thing we want to do is watch these things happen and do nothing. However, the battle cannot be won with physical weapons, it must be won first on our knees, then potentially with Spirit-led action.

For some, prayer is all that is required of them. They can be like Aaron and Hur who supported Moses as he held his staff up during the fight against the Amalekites (see Exodus 17). For others, as they pray, the Lord may call them to specific action. They will be like Joshua and the Israelites army fighting and defeating the enemy on the frontlines. Whatever He puts on our heart, let us obey. He will lead us according to His good plan.

For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
(Ephesians 6:12)

This agenda is not actually Mr Schwab's or the elite's agenda. It is the enemy's agenda. We must always remember that we are not fighting people, but the dark spiritual forces that are behind their actions. We cannot afford to waste time hating anyone or finding ways to harm anyone. In fact we have been commanded to do good to our enemies. After all, they are lost souls who desperately need the Lord.

You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven...
(Matthew 5:43-45a)

But loving and praying for these 'enemies' does not mean condoning their sins and covering their crimes against humanity. When we do not expose evil for what it is, we compromise and we become complicit of that evil.

One last quote from Mr Schwab's book:

we are at war, but with an enemy that is invisible

According to him and most government leaders, we are meant to be fighting a virus. Do you realise this goes against what Ephesians 6:12 says? Our enemy is not and has never been a virus; and if we attempt to wrestle against an invisible virus (which is impossible by the way), we will have a totally wrong focus, we will waste our energy and we will be led astray.

The only option we have with viruses is to learn to live with them. This is what humanity has always done up to now. What about promoting health through the natural means that God has given us rather than focusing on viruses and vaccines? I hope to publish a video soon regarding the various ways we can strengthen our immune system and stay healthy. Let's focus on keeping a strong, healthy terrain (our body) rather than killing potential pathogens. No, we are not at war with any virus!

So, it is time to rise up; but rise up the right way! As said above, we first rise up when we kneel down; when we humbly pray for justice and for truth to prevail; when we prayerfully ask for wisdom, consider which voice we are listening to and what the Lord will have us do; when we even have compassion on those who would harm us. We also rise up when we boldly say 'NO' and refuse to conform to the insanity of this world and allow our minds to be renewed with the truth of God's Word.

Our rising up actions may take various forms and be in very simple things - which may sometimes look insignificant - such as choosing not to fear, stopping to blame others, doing your own research, not believing everything the media tell us, not downloading any tracing app, not getting tested for COVID (the PCR tests are totally unreliable and would only raise 'cases' numbers), not wearing a mask as much as possible (in the UK, you can easily opt to be exempt - I fully respect those who do wear masks, but I believe - as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states13 - that everyone should be free to choose and act according to their own conscience), live your life as normal as much as possible, stop the extreme sanitizing, share your knowledge, post on social media and alert others about the deception behind the pandemic, launch or sign petitions, write to your MP, etc..

Is it easy to rise up? In one word, NO. Rising up means being different and going against the flow. It means being ready to be ridiculed or even hated. It is definitely not easy, but we do not rise in our own strength. The Christian life is not about doing the impossible. It's about letting God do the impossible in us, so His grace can be worked out through us. And our God is definitely the God of the impossible.

What is impossible with men is possible with God.
Luke 18:27

But there is an urgency for us to rise up, because there are evil powers out there that want to harm humanity. They want us to live in fear and suspicion. They want us to suffocate ourselves wearing a mask. They want to divide us so they can conquer. They want to divert us by getting us obsessed with a virus so that we ignore what they are setting up in the background (eg. rushing us into a globalized transhumanist dehumanized world where we are enslaved and controlled by them).

And let us not forget that the Church is a body. We must rise up together under Christ's leadership - our Head. We must alert our brothers and sisters who may still be asleep and encourage them to rise up as well. We are not lone rangers who can effectively function apart from others, and we should not behave as if we were. As members of the body of Christ, we NEED one another.

Yes, the Church is a spiritual body, so think about that picture. Should I "social" distance the members of my body?
I don't even know how that would be possible, but if it was, how ridiculous would that be! How would that body function properly? For a physical body, distance between members simply means death. So, what about a spiritual body? Strong, solid joints are vital for the health of the Body of Christ. These joints (our fellowship) need to be nurtured with great care. There may be physical joint replacements, but there is no replacement for spiritual joints.

Let us not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but let us exhort one another, especially as you see the Day approaching.
Hebrews 10:25

That assembling and exhortation of one another makes the whole Body stronger and this is greatly needed in these days. We are not meant to be able to stand on our own, but what a blessing when "brethren dwell together in unity"! As the Psalmist says, this is where the Lord pours out His anointing (see Psalm 133).

Are you ready to rise up as the Body of Christ?

I will end with a quote from the British Medical Journal (November 2020 edition)14,

as the powerful become more successful, richer, and further intoxicated with power, the inconvenient truths of science are suppressed. When good science is suppressed, people die.

The deception and lies benefit the elite - but cause many to suffer, and many to die. This sad reality does not satisfy me. I pray it does not satisfy you either... so we can rise up together.


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