COVID-19 Truth & Lies: Part 2 - The Virus Deception

COVID-19 Truth & Lies: Part 2 - The Virus Deception

In this second part (read part 1 here), we will examine more closely some of the evil schemes that took place during this COVID-19 crisis.

Here are the words of Wisdom personified,

for my mouth will speak truth, and wickedness is an abomination to my lips.
(Proverbs 8:7)

The Lord, in His wisdom, hates lies and only speaks the truth. And the fear of the Lord is for us to also hate lies and all evil. As we have witnessed an abundance of these lately, I feel compelled to expose what I have come to find out is pure deception. I pray this will help the people of God to see more clearly through this thick fog of lies.

The influence of the Medias

From the beginning of this crisis, I have been greatly taken aback by realising how much influence the medias actually have upon us. Many people blindly trust in everything they see on the news or that they hear government officials say without an ounce of any critical thinking. I imagine they simply reason along these lines: “since they are showing it on TV, it must be true…” And they simply go along and believe whatever they have heard. What a delusion!

If the Lord asks us to be vigilant and test the spirits in the church, how much more in the world! We are called to be “gentle as doves”, but also “wise as serpents”. We simply cannot just believe everything we hear. We must discern, knowing that the mainstream media belong to this world’s system and are governed by sinful people.

Please remember that the scare mongering mainstream media are owned by billionaire corporations. Their aim, as it has become clearer and clearer these days, is not so much to speak out truth, but rather to twist it and hide as much of it as possible to allow them to continue to satisfy their greed and lust for power. Their aim, as you will unfortunately see as you read on, is not to protect and keep people safe under the threat of a disease; but rather to take advantage of them and possibly even create a deadly threat in order to benefit from it.

I realise that some people may not want to read further after this, but I would urge you to. If you still disagree after reading this article, please feel free to send your comments and evidence to the contrary…

The COVID Pandemic

First, let us rewind back to the beginning of COVID-19. In late 2019, a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was identified in Wuhan, China. We were told that it originated in bats sold at a particular meat market. Somehow, the virus had been able to ‘jump’ from bats to humans (it turns out that bats were not even sold at this market). Then the narrative changed and we heard that the virus most probably ‘escaped’ from a laboratory in the same city. How this happened, nobody knows, but from there it quickly started infecting people at an alarming rate and many were dying. I am sure you realise that what we were told about the coronavirus' origins are just theories, not founded on any scientific findings. But somehow, this evil virus caused a deadly disease.

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO in March 20201. How do they define a pandemic? Well, since 2009,

A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease.

Before then, it involved the following clause: “...resulting in epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness", which was removed at the time of the 2009 Swine Flu epidemic (so today, enormous numbers of deaths and illness are not required any more to declare a 'pandemic')... The difference between an epidemic and a pandemic has become quite vague; so what does COVID-19 being a pandemic really mean?

According to the media, the whole world has been at war with a very deadly and extremely contagious disease for the past few months, so I guess it would make sense to call it a pandemic… although since the term is unclear, could it be to make it sound scarier than it really is?

Just to be clear, COVID-19 is the name that was given to this disease, while coronavirus (the SARS-CoV-2 strain) is the name of the virus that is believed to cause the disease. So, people who carry this coronavirus are seen as infected by this new disease (whether they have symptoms or not). About 80 to 90% of infections are not severe and many may be asymptomatic.

For people who do get symptoms, these have been described as being usually a fever, a dry cough and possible respiratory distress. Interestingly, these symptoms can be found in several other diseases and are not specific to COVID-19 (a simple search on the WebMD symptom checker returned no less than 20 possible illnesses including asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, influenza, common cold, pulmonary embolism, lung cancer, strep throat, whooping cough… and coronavirus!)

Since people can be infected with this new illness whether they have symptoms or not and whether they have some of the symptoms or all of them; and since none of the symptoms are even specific to the disease, the only way to know for sure if they have it would be to get tested, right?

COVID Testing

Well, actually wrong! Why? Because the available tests are completely unreliable. This shouldn’t be a surprise as they are not meant to be used for diagnosis…

There is a large number of false positives. A Chinese study estimated that 80% of positive test results in asymptomatic people were false positives. 80%!!!

Moreover, test results are not consistent. For example, in one report from Singapore, following 18 patients with daily tests, more than half went from positive to negative and back to positive at least once. Can they really be infected, then recovered, then re-infected that fast?

What do these tests actually look for? Do they detect a specific virus in people’s bloodstream? That would be the logical thing to do, but that is not what is happening here. There are actually 2 types of tests: the RNA (or RT-PCR) test and the antibody (or IgM/IgG) test.

The RT-PCR test looks for bits of RNA (DNA proteins) that are believed to belong to the coronavirus. However, RNA is found in every living cell in our body, as well as bacteria and fungi. There is actually no evidence that the targeted RNA is viral. It could simply come from our own cells. So, the fact that it is present and discovered is totally meaningless. In fact, this test was deemed unsuitable for diagnosis by its inventor, Kary Mullis.

Similarly, the IgM/IgG test is assumed to detect viral antibodies, but in Britain it was proven to be unsuitable. Note that this test does not differentiate between the SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and other coronaviruses antibodies (that could come from the common cold for example). No specific antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 have been identified. Anyway, I am quite perplexed as I thought the presence of antibodies meant immunity to a disease… Does it now mean infection?

Now, for the funny part: you may be aware of what happened in Tanzania in April. The president, John Magufuli holds a PhD in chemistry. In order to evaluate the quality of their test kits, his government labelled multiple non-human samples with imaginary people's details and sent them for COVID testing (including animals, fruits, and even motor oil...) When samples results came back from the lab, some of them were positive for COVID-19, including a papaya sample!

Number of Cases and Deaths

As you know we have been repeatedly told over and over again of the great number of cases everywhere. But hold on one second… if the tests are so unreliable, how can we be sure of the number of cases?

Since, as I pointed out previously, the symptoms are unspecific and the only way to tell is via testing, then who knows how many cases were actually true coronavirus cases? In my humble opinion, this is all a big guessing game, not real data.

In fact, many cases were just ‘suspected’ cases as they were not even tested for the virus. But they were added to the statistics regardless.

Let us also point out again that ‘cases’ do not necessarily mean sick people. So clearly - unless I have missed anything - the inaccurate ‘number of cases’ can simply be ignored.

As for the number of deaths: it usually takes the Italian statistical organisation ‘Istat’ for instance at least 10 months to report data about the number of deaths in any given year. Reporting this data in near real time is a physical and mathematical impossibility (data cannot be received and processed that quickly). Therefore, rushed data from any organisation (including the media) about the number of COVID deaths should not be viewed as accurate. The margin of error is likely very large…

The Worldometer website is clear that there is a difference between the number of REPORTED cases and deaths and ACTUAL cases and deaths. We will have to patiently wait until next year for more accurate numbers.

In addition, many deaths WITH COVID rather than FROM COVID have been reported as COVID deaths. There has been a push by some governments (including money incentives to hospitals) to report deaths as due to COVID, even when patients had other co-morbidities that were much more likely to be the cause of death.

It has been estimated that the number of reported COVID deaths may actually be 6 times higher than the actual number. In fact, all other causes of death are presently dropping. Almost no one dies from the flu, heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, etc.. any more. Has COVID become the magic cure for all of these?

Now here comes the very controversial (but true) statement. The great majority of people who have been dying were those in their 80s with pre-existing chronic health conditions. Now, how do we know if they died of COVID or with COVID? Again, a total guess which was proclaimed as an absolute truth by the media…

Do you not wonder why the WHO forbade all autopsies from taking place on presumed COVID deaths? Please keep on reading and I guarantee you will have a better idea by the time you get to the end.

Sadly, many have certainly died, not from COVID, but from the ‘treatment’ they received at the hospital. Ventilators which have been used almost systematically were later found to be inappropriate and cause rapid degradation of the patients’ condition.

Sadly, as well, suicide rates have seen a steady increase these past few months. Many people have felt hopeless listening to the avalanche of fear mongering from the media, many could not bear the loneliness of the lockdown or the fear of forcefully losing their job and livelihood.

And very sadly again, another rate that is likely to increase this year is that of abortions. Standing today (11th July 2020) at over 22 million worldwide according to Worldometer; it is set up to rise as lobbyists have been working tirelessly behind closed doors during the lockdown to pass new laws around the world to make abortions easier and more accessible, pushing people to commit the unspeakable act in the ‘comfort’ of their own home; a new commodity that renders murdering a baby as insignificant as flushing the toilet.


This novel virus seems to have been the perfect pretext for the unfolding of many evil agendas. The virus has been blamed for the removing of our freedoms to freely move about outdoors, travel, visit family and friends, go to work and school... in order to ‘control the spread of the infection’ or ‘flatten the curve’, but on what grounds? Where is the scientific evidence on which these emergency policies have been based?

In the whole history of medicine, never have we seen healthy people being put in quarantine. This strategy has always been used to keep sick people from spreading diseases. Since when have the healthy become contagious? This is absurd to the highest degree! In reality, there is no evidence that even the sick are contagious, let alone the healthy…

So why the lockdown in so many countries? This is a real question, especially when you realise that some countries (eg. Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan) did not implement any lockdown at all or only imposed light restrictions. As far as we can tell, these countries did not get catastrophic death tolls, they had similar rates than others around them that were under a full lockdown. That alone should be evidence of the nonnecessity of the lockdown.

Furthermore, many scientists are saying that the lockdown is counterproductive. They believe that when people stay indoors, no natural immunity can be achieved as many are not exposed to the virus. Besides, it is well known that rates of infections such as the flu decrease in the warmer months as people go outside more in the sunshine.

There are many more questions we can ask regarding this lockdown policy that defies logic. Why were beaches closed to lone walkers in many countries? Was it to protect them from the fresh seaside air? Why did we close schools since children were largely unaffected? What about the impact of the lockdown on those who are depressed or have a alcohol or drug problem? What about adults or children who are constantly mentally, physically or sexually abused at home? Where was the escape for them?

To many this lockdown has been pure suffering. Many people are finding themselves in debt having to borrow money just to survive. The rates of depression and heart attacks have increased, and as said above, the rates of suicides have shot up. Was it worth it?

You may think it is not comparable, but solitary confinement is classified as torture by the United Nation. I’ll leave it at that…

Social Distancing

You have no doubt realised how people avoid you and one another now on the streets, walking around you and stepping into the road if needed to preserve the 6ft, 2m, 1.5m or 1m distance (or whatever the number may be in your country). It is so bad that if there isn't enough room, you feel like you have to apologize if you invade someone's safe "social distance" space. But did you know that there is no scientific evidence for ‘social’ distancing whatsoever? In fact, real evidence leans towards the fact that people need human contact to stay healthy.

Again, we have been told that anybody can potentially be infected with COVID and just be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. What does that mean in simple language? You can be perfectly well, look well, feel well and function well, but actually be sick! That is total nonsense!

Moreover, in that well-but-sick condition, you can transmit your disease to other people. Some, just like you, will be well but sick, but others can become really sick and even potentially die... So, in essence, they would die from having been in contact with you. It could be argued that you would have unwittingly killed them!

Do you realise the absurdity of all this? We have been made to believe that we can kill people just by being in close contact with them or that we can be killed by being in contact with other people. In other words, people represent a serious danger and threat to one another’s health. Your fear must be directed towards your fellow human beings. And you must feel guilty because if you do not fully abide by the rules, it is your fault that other people get sick and die. What a clever way of creating division and keeping people away from one another!

Fear and false guilt are powerful weapons that have been used against us by the media so it is good to remind ourselves that we are not called to live under the influence of any of them. The Bible repeatedly commands us not to fear (366 times it has been said).

False guilt is akin to the accusation of the enemy and is linked to lies. It is a burden that is not from God and makes us feel hopeless; whereas true guilt - or conviction from the Holy Spirit - is always linked to sin and leads to repentance and freedom.


If you have been wearing a face mask to protect you from COVID, I have bad news for you. Masks do not protect us from infections. By the way, it says so on the box:

I have read the counter argument that if masks do not protect you, they at least protect others from you if you are infected with the virus. Well, the size of a virus being on average 100 nano metres in diameter (10,000 times smaller than a grain of sand), how can it not happily go straight through any mask?

In reality, the controversy regarding the necessity of face masks to prevent infections has been ongoing for years. Even surgical masks which have been used for nearly a century have been shown by a 2016 study to not reduce infection rates.

In influenza (flu) scientific studies, surgical face masks have not been found to be effective at reducing transmission of the flu. There is obviously no scientific data on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as the virus is new.

Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to the wearer. Researchers have found that the mask reduced the blood oxygen levels significantly (it causes hypoxia). Oxygen levels available to breathe in become hazardous with face masks (especially the N95 mask); and the longer the duration of wearing the mask, the greater the fall in blood oxygen levels.

Could this be the reason why many have experienced headaches, felt unwell, had respiratory distress and even fainted after several hours of wearing a mask? There is no way constantly breathing in our own CO2 and breathe in less oxygen from the air can be a good thing.

People with health conditions such as lung diseases, COPD, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, cancer and the elderly are more susceptible to this and should therefore never be wearing any mask!

So, masks do not protect us from infections, but they do obstruct our breathing. At a time when here in the UK, using public transports without a mask is a criminal offense, I feel like screaming, “I can't breathe!”

Hand sanitizer

The World Health Organization (WHO) and many governments have established thorough handwashing with soap and water or with alcohol-based gels (hand sanitizers) as the main prevention measure against COVID-19. But little are we told that these hand sanitizers are not completely safe, nor are they meant to thoroughly clean hands.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers are powerful germ killers, but although they do kill germs, they do not eliminate dirt from our hands. They do not therefore replace hand washing with water and soap (or indeed with only water).

But what is more important to note is their effect on our health, especially when used repeatedly as has been advised in this crisis, and especially for people who have dry skin or conditions such as psoriasis or eczema as they irritate the skin. The excess of hygiene and disinfectants can break the body’s first defensive barrier, our skin.

Hand sanitizers destroy all germs and kill the beneficial bacteria which colonize the skin and form the skin microbiome. These bacteria act as a physical barrier and are part of our immune system. So, a word of caution here as we do not want to disturb the balance of this skin barrier.

Moreover, hand sanitizers are flammable liquids, which can cause a hazard when close to a heat source. Sanitizers may also contribute to the development of “super bugs” and antibiotic resistance and are associated with allergy development in children.

Recently, the FDA warned about hand sanitizers that may contain methanol. Methanol can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested and can be life-threatening when ingested.

Finally, sanitizers that use a chemical called triclosan have been shown to cause hormone disruption and possibly cancer through facilitating the penetration of substances such as BPA through the skin (thankfully alcohol-based sanitizers do not contain triclosan).


In the panic of the current crisis, a new COVID vaccine has been in the making. Everything has been precipitated in the hope to have it ready within a few months whereas it usually takes researchers years to develop a vaccine. One may question the safety and efficacy of a vaccine that was so rushed under pressure, but we have been made by the media to look forward to it and expect it to be the only way our society could return to normal.

One of the proposed vaccines that researchers are working on (Moderna) contains pieces of genetic material (RNA). This has never been attempted before in any previous vaccine and could potentially irreversibly affect our own genetic material (DNA) at the cellular level. This RNA material could insert itself into our DNA and become part of us. In other words, we would not be fully human – as we know it – anymore! This is clearly unknown territory.

Vaccines also contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals (aluminium, mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 20, MSG...) which adversely affect our health, while there is no evidence of them reducing rates of sickness or mortality. NO vaccine has ever been proven safe nor effective. So since when has humanity needed the injection of toxic agents and pieces of RNA to be ‘normal’?

Additionally, it is well known that viruses mutate constantly and SARS-CoV-2 has apparently already mutated. So even if the vaccine was effective, how do we know that it would still be effective for the next mutation of this virus?

The reality is that pathologists have not identified any antibodies that are specific to SARS-CoV-2 and Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov stated that he believes it is currently "impossible" to create a vaccine against the virus.

Besides, vaccines have also become a matter of conscience since it has been revealed that many of them - as revolting as it may sound - contain aborted fetal cells. As the industry was getting a lot of pressure from the animal rights movement to stop using animals for experimentation, they have turned to using babies! Apparently cell cultures coming from aborted babies in the 1960s are still in use in vaccines today. In fact, according to Dr. Deisher (Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Physiology), "most of the COVID vaccines being developed are using human fetal tissue to culture the coronavirus."

On another note, there is of course the concern that the awaited vaccine could be made compulsory for all or part of the population, which is very valid. This would completely disregard medicine’s “first do no harm” of the Hippocratic oath, as well as our right to informed consent as patients.

Informed consent means that healthcare providers are legally required to explain medical procedures to their patient thoroughly beforehand and warn of any possible risk involved. Patients are then free to accept and knowingly face the risks and consequences, or else reject the procedure. This is respect of the person and one of the basis of medicine.

The sad truth is that many doctors are not even aware of toxicity issues with vaccines and therefore are not able to warn accordingly; but when asked by their patients they have a duty to answer truthfully. So, I think one way we could potentially deal with the issue of a mandated vaccine, would be to first require scientific evidence of the safety of the vaccine from our healthcare provider (beginning with the vaccine insert). Then, we can agree that when they provide it and we are certain that this vaccine will not harm us, then we will be more than happy to get vaccinated. They will not be able to provide it, but in the mean time it will give them an opportunity to have a look at the evidence - or rather lack of it. If they still want to go ahead, unfortunately they will have to do so by going against their oath of doing no harm (which would be unethical and of course illegal).


Some may wonder why they haven’t heard much about all these issues concerning the number of deaths, testing, masks, vaccines, etc… There would be no surprise here as only one narrative has been allowed. Anyone - including reputable scientists - with an alternative view on the pandemic gets no air time on mainstream media, or else they are attacked and ridiculed by people who usually do not have an ounce of scientific knowledge.

There has been a very heavy censorship in all media, including social media such as YouTube and Facebook. I have experienced it myself because, even though I do not post much, I have had several videos removed by YouTube (which had never happened before). These videos were simply talking about vitamin C or issues with the virus, social distancing and masks - something we apparently should not be talking about.

Even Google’s search engine had its part to play as its algorithms makes it really hard or impossible to find certain websites while promoting others that contain the ‘correct’ view, especially ‘fact checkers’ websites which should be more appropriately named ‘fact twisters’…

On the other hand, we have heard much from scientifically unqualified people, such as Bill and Melinda Gates who have hijacked our screens. In April, Bill Gates was even called ‘Physician of the World’ by a French Newspaper. Has the standard of medicine become so low that now all you need is to be a billionaire to be called a physician?

Why were we not told of the financial interest conflicts of many experts? Why did we not hear that Bill Gate’s foundation was funding the WHO?

The fact is, we have only heard people of the same opinion on TV and mainstream media. There has not been room for debate between experts of different views as if they did not exist. We have been led to believe that all experts agreed on the subject, which could not be further from the truth.

For example, top scientists such as Prof. Dolores Cahill, a PhD immunologist from Ireland and Prof. Joel Hay, an American pharmaceutical PhD have not been offered a voice (I tried in vain to feature them on my YouTube channel).

Another example is that of California Physicians, Drs Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, who shared their conclusions about their clinical data in a press conference, explaining that COVID-19 was no worse than the flu and the need to ease lockdown. But they were quickly 'discredited' by multiple media outlets (often using the exact same words) without any scientific argument.

One of the main pieces of information that has been kept very much secret from all of us, is how to support our body to resist infection via our immune system. For thousands of years, the human body has been able to deal with infections when adequately nourished and supported. A few key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, D3, magnesium and iodine are extremely helpful.

Actually, IV vitamin C has been used successfully to treat COVID in China. But did the media talk about it? And did they speak favourably about the Wormwood plant (Artemisia Annua) used in Madagascar and being the reason for their very low death rate? Another information that was suppressed by fact checkers who claimed there was no evidence for its use. Note that what they mean by ‘no evidence’ is ‘no double-blind, placebo-controlled study’, which takes time and funding and of course cannot be done in a situation of emergency. But they conveniently ignore the huge amount of ‘anecdotal’ evidence. The problem, said President Andry Rajoelina, is that this remedy “comes from Africa”.

As we have seen, the only ‘solution’ that we have been harped on about is the vaccine. What’s so different about this illness? What’s so vicious about this virus that it is so much more powerful than all others? It is all an illusion - but a money-making one!

Clearly, natural immunity doesn’t profit any pharmaceutical industry, but a vaccine distributed worldwide will bring billions to Big Pharma (and all its shareholders).

I do not promote drugs as none are completely devoid of side effects, but a low-cost asthma drug called Alvesco (Ciclenoside) has been largely used in Japan and showed great level of success, but this was kept from our knowledge.

Another drug, Hydroxychloroquine (coupled with Azithromycin and zinc), which is effective as Prof. Didier Raoult has witnessed with hundreds of patients in France, has been vilified because it is so cheap it does not generate much profit, if any. It has even been forbidden in several countries, in spite of the fact that it had been used for decades to treat malaria with a very good safety record. But who knew? It suddenly became ‘poisonous’ when it started to treat COVID…

When we “follow the money”, we understand that all these treatments would eliminate the need for a vaccine and other expensive antiviral drugs currently under development (for which millions of dollars have already been invested by Big Pharma).

A Virus?

You may be aware of the fact that there are trillions of viruses which reside in each of our bodies. Many more are in our environment. They are everywhere, so instilling a virus fear may result in an uncontrollable obsessive compulsive battle that can never be won. Our enemy is everywhere, it is invisible and it is apparently deadly! But should we actually be battling viruses?

The disinfection mania that we have witnessed lately is totally useless. A sterile environment is NOT a healthy environment and will not protect us from disease, quite the contrary. An environment that is too sterile will actually harm our immune system and our ability to resist sickness. It may also increase rates of allergies. We need these germs!...

Anyway, did you know that this novel coronavirus has never been isolated (or purified)? Isolation means to separate the virus from everything else on a tissue swab (including other micro-organism or cellular material). So, scientists have not been able to extract this virus as a separate entity in a lab. All they have found is genetic material that presumably belong to the virus. This means that the virus’ very existence is questionable.

According to Dr Andrew Kaufman, the genetic material that was identified may be 'exosomes' and not viruses. Exosomes are particles that are made by cells in the body and sent out for specific reasons. This may be a reaction to something in the environment.

Please note that every time we are told that the virus has been found on a surface or in a person, what actually has been found is pieces of genetic material (RNA) or presumed antibodies, never a full virus. But unless a virus is isolated, it cannot be pointed at as the cause of any disease.

To prove that micro-organisms cause diseases, virologists use very specific protocols. They are called ‘Koch’s postulates’ and they must be fulfilled to prove causality. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, Koch’s postulates have never been fulfilled, but the virus has hastily been declared guilty of causing a new disease (COVID-19) anyway. We needed a perpetrator so we got one… This is not science, this is assumption!

Do you realise what that means? If no virus has been isolated or shown to cause the COVID disease, and if the COVID symptoms are actually not specific but can be found in various other diseases… then do we really have a new disease? And is this disease contagious?

These are essential questions because if there is no contagious disease, then all the restrictions that we have been imposed concerning human contact, gatherings and desinfection are completely and utterly useless.

Isn’t it baffling? This virus has not even been shown to exist or to cause anything! Well, until proven otherwise, I will boldly say that COVID-19 is the fruit of the imagination of the people who claimed it was upon us.

No wonder autopsies of people who died from suspected COVID deaths were strictly forbidden by the WHO. They would have quickly shown that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus did not cause any death.

And in fact they did! Autopsies have now been performed in several countries, following which Bulgarian pathologist Dr Alexov stated:

...the autopsies that were conducted in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Sweden do not show that the virus is deadly.


What all of the pathologists said is that there's no one who has died from the coronavirus. I will repeat that: no one has died from the coronavirus.

But I can already hear some of you reply that in fact some people have been sick and some people have died. I agree that this has been the case, but not from coronavirus. Regarding the number of deaths, as seen earlier, the accuracy of the numbers is highly debatable. But it does seem like there has been a high incidence of sickness in the past few months and it may be explained as follows.

Firstly, we cannot underestimate the role of the media and their suggestibility. We have all been put under a lot of stress and fear has been pushed on us through what we have heard and have been shown constantly every day over this crisis period. Stress is real and it has a real immune-suppressive effect. It activates our sympathetic nervous system, puts us in a 'fight or flight' mode and causes healing processes in the body to be halted, facilitating disease.

Secondly, there are usually a higher number of sickness and indeed deaths during the winter months (for various reasons), but we do not normally hear about them all the time on every TV channel like we have with COVID-19.

Then, we can mention a few possible other causes that have been proposed and need to be explored further: vaccines (such as the flu shot) shown to be highly toxic and immuno-suppressant, a bioweapon of some sort, an increase of aluminium and barium spraying in the air (chemtrails), and of course the recent launching of 5G (60GHz) electro-magnetic frequencies which have been shown to interfere with oxygen levels in the blood. These are very serious issues that should be investigated.

Please note that there may be various causes, that could be different according to the geographical location, as COVID-19 is likely not one disease, but several.

So what about the second wave that we have been told to expect? Well, if it does come, you can be assured that it will not be caused by any virus. Corona will not strike back because corona is a myth.

Friends, this has really been the hoax of the century! But now we know! And now we must tell others.


"Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth" is a law of propaganda (often attributed to Nazi Joseph Goebbels).
But repeating a lie doesn't make it true.
Broadcasting a lie doesn't make it true.
And a lie widely accepted doesn't make it true.

This article has not been about my opinion on COVID-19. My opinion is not relevant here, but only the lack of evidence upon which so many decisions have been made; decisions which have not only been unuseful, but detrimental to people's health.

We saw in part 1 that fear can also be an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real, and clearly this has been the case in this COVID-19 crisis. A lot, if not most of what we have been told is actually false and not founded on reality. On the other hand, the fear that has been generated through all this is very much real.

This crisis has been called - and rightly so - “an epidemic of giving people a lot of fear and stress."

Let us remind ourselves that whatever lies are thrown at us by men, we have one truth that always remains the same. It has not changed since before the foundation of the world and will never ever change even after this world passes away.

Pontius Pilate, a first century Roman governor, once asked, "What is truth?" Indeed, is there such a thing as ultimate truth? Is there a truth not mixed with lies? A truth that is solid as a rock and remains forever? Yes! The Bible declares that this truth is a person, Jesus Christ - God in the flesh. The only One who CANNOT lie. He is THE TRUTH and He is worthy of trust. His Word is true and those who trust in Him will never be shaken. Will you trust Him?

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."
(John 14:6)

Video link and alternative link.

Del Bigtree interviews Dr Andrew Kaufman who has been pointing out that the coronavirus has never been isolated.
(This video was banned from YouTube - and Del Bigtree's whole channel deleted)

Read Part 3 here.

1 - The WHO changed the definition of a ‘pandemic’ in May 2009. The new definition removed the following clause: “...resulting in epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness" A ‘pandemic’ in 2020 can be called simply if “a disease epidemic occurs when there are more cases of that disease than normal.” -

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