TV or not TV?

TV or not TV?

Today, the television has become a normal daily part of most families' lives, especially in the west. Most people have at least one TV sitting proudly in their living room, while many others have TVs in bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms... When not in school, children can sit in front of the telly for hours on end, spoilt for choice with the huge variety of programs offered to them. For many of them, switching the TV on has become automatic as soon as they get up or when they come back from school each day.

When television is out of control, family life becomes greatly affected; much more than we usually realise. People communicate less, become less active and more alone even though they are together. These are the perceivable harmful consequences of allowing TV to take too much space in our lives.

Unfortunately, these are not the only harmful consequences. The world of television has many well-hidden secrets that program editors and producers do not want you to find out. Broadcasters have an agenda - a strong agenda - and this agenda is (sorry to be so blunt...) evil. TV says more to you than what you actually hear. It shows more to you than what you actually see. And what you do not consciously see or hear is affecting you whether you like it or not; especially when it is repeated over and over if you watch it often.

A few minutes of watching television puts you in a form of hypnotic state (alpha state), in which you lay down your defences and become suggestible. In this state, you will readily receive the various images/words working against your conscience that the TV flashes at you - those you are aware of as well as those you are not aware of. Those we are not aware of (with the naked eye/ear, at normal speed) are called subliminal messages, and most TV programs are full of them. They contain the real message(s) that broadcasters want to throw at us, without our knowledge or permission.

You don't believe me? Watch the video below (The Scary TRUTH About Television), and please reduce the amount of time you and your family spend in front of the television or turn it off altogether! We need to be extremely selective in what we watch.

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This short video, Never Watch the Television is also eye-opening.

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